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A Blessing in Disguise- The Financial Crisis 2008

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

A Financial Crisis gives rise to catastrophic events which go down in history. One such event was the 2008 stock market crash which shook the entirety of stock market around the world and continues to cause ripples in this industry. While some ships sank in the deadly waters, others rowed along the turbulent waters emerging as gold di



  1. Donald Trump: Our very own United States President, a mere entrepreneur benefited a handful of profits as he surveyed his position and entered the market. Trump being a power holder initiated all such allegations towards the established regions of statistical data and benefited from the existing and in fact increasing discrepancy between the rich and poor. America’s sluggish economy opened gates to all such gains which created a flower path for the 45th president.


2. John Paulson:

Predictions also prove to be favourable means as this gentleman predicted the 2008 crash in 2007. By betting his career and luck, he gained $ 2 billion and consequently buying stakes on big sharks like Citibank and Bank of America. This multi-billion dollar deal landed him in a house of riches with a gain of $ 100 million

3. Warren Buffet:


From publishing articles to buying stakes, this man did it all to benefit from the falling stocks. By purchasing millions from the convertible Swiss Re and Dow Chemical, he managed to kill two birds with the same stone as he progressed in the business world and steering the drowned American firms in strenuous waters.


4. Carl Icahn:

Another investor who gained fame for his investing in the distressed assets at the time of downturn. He had acquired thee gaming properties in Las Vegas and sold them for $1.3 billion after the industry improved making massive profits. His practices of buying distressed assets or failing investments and them turning them into fortune which came out to be known as ‘Icahn Lift’ phenomenon.

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