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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Finance

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are reshaping finance, from algorithmic trading to portfolio management. Our report dives into the evolution and real-world applications of AI and ML in the financial sector. It includes compelling case studies like BlackRock's Aladdin and innovative analysis using satellite images of walmart's parking lots to predict Walmart's stock price movements. We also demonstrate the practical use of AI in optimizing investment portfolios with a mean-variance model using Machine Learning. For a detailed exploration of how AI and ML are revolutionizing finance, this report is your go-to resource.

Written by-

Research heads- Akshat Sharma, Kanishk Bansal

Research Team- Aadishri Batra, Asmi, Hiral Khandelwal, Navya Khosla, and Sahaj Gangwal

Download PDF • 6.21MB

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