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Future of Electric Vehicles in India

Electric Vehicles are the next big thing for green transportation. But what is the future of Electric Vehicles in India? How will policy changes impact the future of transport? Will Indians adopt EVs over their trusty fuel-powered vehicles? To answer all your questions and more, we have a report by the research team of the Finance and Investment Cell. The report, with data visualization and each aspect of the feasibility & future of EVs explored, will leave you charged! (pun intended).

Written by-

Research heads- Aditya Doomra, Chirag Gupta

Research Team- Raghav Agrawal, Tanushree Verma, Swagatika Mohapatra, Manasvi Vasan, Bhoomika Agrawal, Raghuveer Bansal, and Kanishk Bansal

Download PDF • 6.12MB

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