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It contained over 30 million articles, and was initially sold in 5 million units. At a time when the Web was still in its infancy, Microsoft . Encarta, Microsoft's first attempt to offer an interactive, browser-based encyclopedia, was released on January 1, 1994. The New York Times was the first publication to provide a critical review, and in its January 11 issue, opined that it would revolutionize how people looked up information on the Web. The Times pointed out that the product was delayed because Microsoft . had become distracted by a high-profile lawsuit from an early on-line service, CompuServe, and despite its many weaknesses, the product was a major success in what was then the very early days of the World Wide Web. In its January 11 issue, the New York Times reported that Microsoft . had achieved 1 million downloads and its first sale, noting that it had been downloaded by more than 5,000 unique IP addresses. In its January 24 issue, the New York Times reported that Microsoft . had sold 20,000 copies and had achieved 15,000 downloads. It also reported that the company . was aware of 400,000 public Web sites that linked to. While the New York Times was heralding the release of the product, and some publications such as The Washington Post had written that the product was revolutionary, other reviewers pointed out many of the product's weaknesses. A 1997 . report by The Economist stated that it was technologically ambitious but of little use. The review noted that Microsoft . tried to create an encyclopedia that it planned to update daily, but that many of the articles had been written by programmers and not by trained editors, which meant that the articles often suffered from technical flaws. Still, the product had many strengths. In its January 11 issue, the New York Times opined that it was "a vast improvement on the old-fashioned printed encyclopedia," which was "the size of a telephone directory" and "provided information in a way that is never readable unless you know what you're looking for". It also had a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, which many considered to be a great improvement on the command line interface of its predecessor. . had the largest number of components of any modern encyclopedia. Its article types were structured as follows: Headings Articles Pictures Links to other articles




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Microsoft Encarta 2013 Full Version Free Download Crack wetheaf

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